Mathematics Workbook Class 4 Level 2

For Aspirants of Grade 4 of CBSE, ICSE, Olympiads and State Boards (Creative Learning Series 8) Kindle Edition

This workbook contains some activity sheets and reference worksheets suitable for the students of Grade 4. It is also suitable for aspirants preparing for Olympiads and other such enrichment activities.
Answer sheets with explanations are there in a separate sheet. It will enable parents and teachers for organizing the task in a better way. I am confident enough about the competence of fellow students having willingness to move up to the final stage of the Mathematics Enrichment Activities of various stages. There are different worksheets in accord to the time of studies that can be assigned to the fellow student. Answers are in a separate sheet paper that can be kept at different place. Parents and teachers use this book of activities to develop interest of students on mathematical as well as analytical skills. Most of the worksheets are from regular classroom studies. Some of the worksheets are from Olympiads and other challenging examinations. We always keep a balance between higher order challenges and lower order assignments. It will enhance the participatory skill of the fellow student and also build up the competency pattern required for gaining mastery in mathematics. All practice and guidance efforts should be guided. That is why answers are not incorporated with this volume. There is a separate volume having all the answers and other needful assistance for teachers.
We can use some standard technique to correlate the memory and skill related to mathematical operations for facilitating proper and timely linkage of previous foundation with those of newly developed skill formation. We can use the worksheets and activities given in this workbook for providing an additional exposure to fellow students. Mixture of content areas will make it easy for the fellow student to grasp through it easily. Normal confluence of such practice session will also seed up the pace of learning.
We will start this process along with some revision works.
Chandan Sukumar Sengupta

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