NEET Foundation Handbook of Chemistry: For High School Students (NEET Foundation Series 4) Kindle Edition

Hydrocarbons are the organic compounds made up of carbon and hydrogen. This publication deals with some of the basic properties of hydrocarbons and some reactions related to it. Study materials and question banks related to property of hydrocarbons is also provided. Aspirants can use this workbook to acquire additional skills required for understanding the chemistry of hydrocarbon. This handbook must not be considered as an introductory material of organic chemistry. One should have basic understanding of the concept before dealing with different aspects of this workbook. It can be used to gain mastery in the principles and techniques of the most important branch of organic chemistry.
This publication belongs to NEET Foundation Series. It is prepared to provide supplementary study materials to aspirants of Pre- Medical Entrance Examinations. It can even be opted for science of medicine and Biochemistry.

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