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Bookshelf Peace and Nonviolence Publications Gita Pravachan Philosophy - UGC NET Sarvodaya

About this programme

This is the place of interaction where fellow aspirants and students can explore the possibilities of self advancement through imparting themselves in the participatory efforts of learning and evaluatio. All the modules meant for the purpose of evaluation are absolutely interactive and also are fully enriched ones.

  • One can expect timely and need based instructions meant for fulfilling collective purposes.
  • Response sheets are result oriented and time tested.
  • Absolutely user friendly platform with swift and soft navigations.
  • No add blockers and other obstacles are used.

Services and Efforts

  1. E Learning initiatives.
  2. Need based Programmes.
  3. Printing and Publications.
  4. Digital Library and Information Management.
  5. Orienttion Programmes for minimising digital gaps and information gaps.
  6. Popularising Indian tradition, culture and value system through different types of collective and collaborative efforts.
  7. Humar Resource Development Initiatives.
  8. Talks on The Gita.
  9. Religion and Morals

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